Evolving in Eevee in Pokemon Go

**Alright, so I know this information is out there already, but a buddy of mine sent it to me last night when I was having computer issues, and made me promise to add it to the blog.**

For the thousands/millions of you still playing Pokemon Go, I’m sure it has img_0735-copynot escaped your attention that the new update hit yesterday.  You may have noticed a Snubbull or Chikorita hanging out by your pool or chilling in your front yard.

Well, as you also undoubtedly know, Eevee (specifically her evolutions) is a much talked about topic when it comes to this game.  I’m a fan of the original Pokemon games and haven’t exactly been bitten by the Go bug like so many others.  I know that in the original, Eevee was evolved using specialized element stones, whereas in Go, Eevee, like the rest of the Pokemon, evolve with the use of candy.  Unless you know what you’re doing, this evolution appears to be random.

It wasn’t long after Go was released that players discovered the name trick.  If you wanted Eevee to evolve a certain way, you named her accordingly, and the names used came from the Pokemon cartoon, specifically the names of the trainers that owned each unique evolution — which was a pretty neat Easter egg, on Niantic’s part.  In case you don’t know, here’s the names:

Vaporeon —> “Rainer”

Flareon     —> “Pyro”

Jolteon      —> “Sparky”

Well, of course, it didn’t take long for people to apply that same trick to the new evolutions — Espeon and Umbreon — granted to Eevee with yesterday’s update.  Who are the new trainers?  Tamao and Sakura.  Take a look:

All you have to do, before evolving Eevee, rename her as above, sign out of the game, then sign back in.  When you evolve her with the requisite candy, she will evolve into the form of your choice.

Now, Pokemon Go in peace, my friends.


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