Zelda Have-Nots in Breath of the Wild

Today’s Game Informer coverage on Zelda does not focus on what you will find in the new game.  To the contrary, it focuses on the typical Zelda elements not included in Breath of the Wild.


The first of these is the dungeon compass.  Used previously to navigate the dungeons, the compass would inform players of nearby treasure and the location of the dungeon’s boss.  This time around, the focus is on the player exploring and figuring out everything on his own.  And when you do find a treasure chest, don’t expect a cut scene and grand music when Link reveals whatever is inside — cuz that’s been axed.

Similarly, dungeons will no longer contain a unique weapon or item.  Sure, many of Link’s staple gear will make its way in BotW, weapons like the bow, bombs, swords…but you don’t get them inside of a dungeon.  Likely, they’re either stolen from enemies you defeat or purchased in the stores.  Which brings me to the next one.

Rupees aren’t hidden in the tall grass anymore.  Past games, it was like someone walked the land with a giant hole in their pocket and all of their change scattered across the fields.  Not so here.  This newest installment makes you work for your money.  Literally.  As Link will earn rupees from selling things at shops.

The auto-jump is gone.  With all of the exploring in the grand, open world, Nintendo decided to give Link a dedicated jump button for the first time in his career.

Epona is missing.  Link’s faithful steed does not make a return.  Instead, the horses that Link rides in this game must be plucked from the wild, broken, tamed, and named.  So, while you could technically name one Epona, if you’d like, it would only be cosplaying.

Speaking of cosplay, Link’s signature duds are missing.  Eiji Aonuma did admit that you can find green clothes at some point in the game, but it seems like Link will be changing his clothes quite a bit.


The enemies are meaner.  Remember in the last few games when you would come upon a gaggle of goblins and the others would watch you take out their friends before they stepped in to take you down?  I hope you do because it’s now just a memory.  Things are getting real up in this piece.  The bad guys be all gangnam style on Link’s butt.

And the final missing item is….drumroll please.

The bombs.  Well, you’ll still have bombs, of course, but they’ll be on a remote trigger now.  When you pick up a bomb, it won’t start flashing and then blow up in your face anymore.

All in all, a few good changes were made, but a few sacrifices, as well.  I think in the grand scheme of things, there will be enough in BotW to keep the most die-hard fans, as well as newcomers to the series, very satisfied.

We’ll see soon enough.  The game launches on March 3rd.


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