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Young Avengers Enroll in Avengers Academy

Later today, the Ultron event in Avengers Academy closes its doors.

Ultron and Jocasta have been reprogrammed and have joined the rest of the classmates.  The Hawkeyes have been freed from capture, along with their dog.  And the ancient Asgardian armor known as the Destroyer has been sealed away on the Academy grounds in another jail cube.

So what now?  In the closing news report, it sure looked like that was the silhouette for Kang the Conqueror…

And it was!

Marvel and TinyCo announced today that the next event coming (presumably this weekend) will be in the form of the blue-faced time-hopping baddie.

As the story goes, when Ultron hacked into the Academy’s systems, he messed with the security around the uber-mysterious timefog that haunts the Academy’s grounds.  During this process, Kang was able to slip in.

A few of the Young Avengers — Hulkling, Wiccan, and Stinger — come along, as well, as they had been battling Kang within the fog and were subsequently captured.  In true AA fashion, players will have to rescue the heroes from Kang, collect new props, possibly don some new, wacky outfits, and battle the Conqueror.

While no mention was given to costumes this time around, I would assume there will be some (aren’t there always?), and they will likely be time-themed, as Marvel did reveal that Iron Man will be building time pods to send heroes through time in attempt at finding something to give them the upper hand in this new battle.

In regards to the fog itself — the existence of which has been the overarching mystery of the game to date — clues will be given throughout, as Kang is said to have history with Fury, Odin, and Pym, so be sure to be on the lookout for those.

As to what may follow, Marvel left us with some cryptic hints (powerhouse heroes, a giant robot), hinted that we may see someone along the lines of Elsa Bloodstone, and nearly guaranteed the appearance of Devil Dinosaur (presumably with Moon Girl, who made her debut this week in Future Fight, one of Marvel’s other mobile offerings).

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts below.


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