Unreal Engine Switching Up

Well, this is great news for all you hardcore gamers.

Today, the Unreal Engine has released its newest version in 4.15, bringing over 79 new improvements to the program.

For the full list, you can click over to their site and read the whole thing, but I’ll summarize here: it’s a ton of technical things that make games look prettier, run smoother, and easier to develop.  It’s a win/win here.

However, the best news (for me) is that it now offers Switch support.  It should be noted that this support, for this release, is being advertised as “experimental” and will get the full support treatment on the next release in a few months’ time.

I’m so proud of Nintendo, finally get a grown-up development program like Unreal.  Let’s hope this begins the era of unstoppable third-party games for the new system.  I predict E3 will be crazy this year!!


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