Inhumans Assemble in Marvel’s “Future Fight”

Well, it seems Black Bolt’s twisted brother, Maximus is up to his old Mad tricks again.  This time, he’s taking it to the mobile realm, as he invades Future Fight with a plot to destroy all human life to allow the Inhumans their chance to shine.

Joining the player’s roster are those opposing his rule: Moon Girl, Karnak, Crystal, Gorgon & Inferno.  Yes, that’s Devil Dinosaur you see in the background above, and as he’s associated now with Moon Girl, I’m sure he’ll factor in there somehow.  Eventually, it looks like you’ll be able to recruit Maximus, as well.

Also joining as a playable character is the villain Dormammu, just in time for the home release of the MCU smash Dr. Strange.  

With a new story comes new levels, and the five brought for Maximus introduce a new Reward Pack system, which allows the player to complete special challenges and earn rewards of their choosing.

Did I hear someone say costumes?  Well, you’re in luck, because new duds will be granted to legacy Inhumans, as well as new armor straight from the comics for one Elsa Bloodstone.

All of these are now live in-game, so log on and get you some!


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