1-2-Switch: New Game, Modes, & Videos

I don’t know what we’ll do in a couple weeks.  The Switch will have launched, along with the handful of launch titles, and there won’t be nearly as much speculation or tidbits of news leaking out.

Until then, let’s just enjoy the ride, shall we?

Nintendo’s newest game spotlight is one called Zen.  It’s basically taking the basketball game of HORSE and mashing it up with Yoga.  Take a look at the video below to see what I mean.

Along with the video reveal, Nintendo’s Japanese site published a few new tidbits on how to play the game.  First of all, the game does feature a Shuffle mode, allowing you to move seamlessly from one random mini game to the next to keep the fun going.  And if you have a lot of people over to check out the new system, you can always do Team mode and give everyone a turn to look ridiculous and have a great time.

I have a feeling this game will pair very well with alcohol at my house.

Finally, Nintendo put out the below videos, each showcasing a new game:


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