Gamecube Games Coming to Switch? Bluetooth headsets?

Update: According to Nintendo France, Bluetooth headsets will not be compatible with the Switch.

French site Melty recently posted an interview with Nintendo guru Yoshiaki Koizumi (designer of the Switch).

First, they asked if fans will finally be getting Gamecube games in the Virtual Console for the Switch.  His response?  We can’t talk about that now because we haven’t announced anything about the VC.  Though he did give fans hope, saying, “What I can tell you is that we are working on things that go in that direction.”

Nintendo has hinted (and its something that this article alludes to yet again) that the Joy-Con may be upgraded in the future, or even replaced with other unique controllers or peripheral attachments.  On the subject of the Gamecube, Melty specifically asked about a GC controller-style of Joy-Con-like attachment.  Koizumi laughed off the question, saying basically a controller of that style may be too big and ugly to work, but that, “the technology is open enough that in the future, other accessories will be grafted on the console.”

In a separate post, Melty also gets Koizumi to confirm that a bluetooth headset will be available for the console.  This leads one to wonder if it will just be for sound only, or microphone as well, given the mobile phone app that Nintendo has been touting for online voice chat.


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