Splatoon 2 – New Stage and Game Mode Confirmed

Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon 2 will feature a new mode for Private Battles, which can be accomplished by connecting 8 Switch devices over a LAN connection.  Now, this means hard-wired, which means 8 TVs and a modem.  Most don’t have that kind of setup ready and available for a Saturday afternoon, but this could lead to epic weekend battles at locally owned gaming stores.


Along with that announcement comes word that two additional people can join a battle as spectators, serving as cameramen and commentators, which would be ideal for live-streams, Twitch Feeds, and people with too much time on their hands.

It certainly feels like Nintendo is putting a far greater effort into online capabilities and giving players the freedom that they’ve been getting from other systems.

Below, you can see a bunch of new pictures.  Some of them show off the new turf wars arena: Musselforge Fitness.  It’s the one with the climbing wall and exercise equipment.  I’m digging the new stages and weapons.  The sequel is setting itself up to be more exciting and hectic than its predecessor.

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