Step Into the Dungeons of Zelda BotW

Well, Game Informer strikes again!!  As part of their ongoing, month-long coverage of all things Breath of the Wild, today, they released information on the dungeons.  Most of the information was previously discussed, especially if you watched the video I posted earlier, where they talked about their play-through experience.  Today’s information just sums up their conversation.

Basically, what they say is that they played through a single dungeon, and what they experienced in that one dungeon may or may not be true of all dungeons you’ll find within the game.


If you’ve played a Legend of Zelda title in the past, then you’re familiar with the game’s concept of dungeons.  You enter, you work your way through a tomb-like maze, discover a unique item that helps you navigate said dungeon better, and then use that item to defeat the boss at the end.  Along the way, you get a map of the dungeon that shows you all the rooms and floors contained within and a compass that pinpoints the treasure chests and the location of the dungeon’s boss.  There is no shortage of puzzles to solve and dangers to brave.

Well, most of that is changing in Breath of the Wild.  Dungeons will be smaller and less maze-like in the new installment.  The maps will return, although somewhat differently, but the compass is gone.  Gone, too, is the unique item found in every dungeon.  The boss remains, and you can complete the dungeon, start to finish, with what you have when you enter the dungeon, though they do recommend having plenty of supplies, because restocking midway through doesn’t appear to be an option.

To make up for the smaller dungeons, the game has over a hundred shrines, which could be thought of as mini dungeons.  Each is comprised of a room or two and has a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to clear it and gain its prize.


This isn’t really surprising, considering the overall size of the world and the emphasis the game’s creators are placing on exploration.  There has been no word yet on whether the unique weapons and artifacts normally expected in Zelda games (i.e. the boomerang, hookshot, etc.) will make their return or what you will need to do in order to obtain them.  We do know that Link will have a bow, bombs, swords, shields (that he can sled on), and a kite of some kind, which he uses for gliding.  Artwork for the game does seem to confirm the inclusion of the Master Sword, but interviews with the producers seem to indicate that it, too, is susceptible to breaking (and hopefully repairing).


To scan the original article, you can click through below, but luckily, all of answers will be revealed in less than a month, when the game releases on March 3rd.

Source: Game Informer

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