New Arms Videos Spotlight Characters

Allegedly, this weekend just outside of Tokyo is an event called “Battle Conference 2017.”  I say allegedly because it sounds made up.  Maybe it’s an alternate fact.  Either way, Nintendo has released a couple videos showcasing its brand new IP “ARMS” which is coming to the Switch at some point.

While the below videos are mostly in Japanese, we at least have the character names of the five previously confirmed fighters, as well as some awesome game play footage and evidence that each appears to play significantly different from the others:


Video 2 spotlights various different fists that can be equipped and the different things each is capable of.  there are certainly some unique options, including the Boomerang and what sounds like the Salamander:. 

If only we could get a release date for the game beyond the ambiguous Spring 2017.

Source: Famitsu

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