New Mario Kart Details for Switch Port

Japanese site Famitsu caught up with Kosuke Yabuki, producer of the famed Nintendo racer, and asked what it was like to bring the title to the Switch.

As always occurs with these Japanese sites, there may be some translational errors.

The first question Yabuki was asked, naturally, is why port the Wii U version to the Switch instead of bringing a new game?

The answer was simple.  With all the ways that the Switch allows you to play, Mario Kart was a perfect fit for the new console and it was just faster to port.  Building a game from the ground up would take a lot more time, and fans had already responded very well to MK8.

Speaking of fan reception, the DLC characters of Link and Animal Crossing were what led to the Inklings from Splatoon being included in the Deluxe version.  All of those characters will be available out of the box, though Yabuki teased that other characters will need to be unlocked through game play.

Also with the Switch version, the visuals have been tweaked for full 1080p and runs at 60 fps while docked and on the TV.  Of course the motion controls return, but the handling has been improved, with the gyro sensors more accurate.  The option has also been added to switch controls mid race, alternating between motion steering and button controls.

Battle modes will also be back in full swing, with five modes total, though only the Balloon and Bob-omb modes have been confirmed.  It appears one of the battle stages will be Splatoon themed, including the music.

Another added feature is that each driver will now be able to carry two items at a time, something they haven’t done since “Double Dash” on the Gamecube (still my favorite Kart game).

Finally, the question is raised about DLC coming down the pipe for this version, and Yabuki could not answer, which hopefully means a yes.  I’m always down for extra race tracks, and some new racers could also be good, especially if they come from other IP.  Fox, for instance, would be welcome, especially in a mini arwing-style kart.

Happy with the additions?  Characters you’d like for DLC?  Leave your comments below.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be available on April 28th.


Source: Famitsu

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