The Monday Musing: Pierce Brosnan as Cable…Really?

**This is the part of the show where I give opinions on something that happened the week before.  Ready…?  Here we go!**

I grew up on X-Men comics.  I read a dozen titles a month for many, many years. I was then and am still now very fond of the characters, and even though I don’t read the volume that I once did, I still try to stay abreast of the stories, such as the current Inhumans vs. X-Men.

Naturally, when the first X-Men movie was released in 2000, I was first in line to grab my ticket.  And, surprise surprise, the movie was pretty darn good.  X2 followed shortly, and that was better than the first, but then everything quickly fell apart.  The third movie, with the mutant cure and the shoe-horned Phoenix Saga, left me sad and confused by what I had just seen.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a terrible, terrible nightmare that I choose daily to forget exists.

X-Men First Class was the biggest slap in the face.  Not only did we get a roster that makes Cyclops’ younger brother in the comics his now older brother, but Fox has turned Moira MacTaggert, a brilliant geneticist, into a CIA agent, rather than one of the many actual agents that the X-Men have worked with over the years.  Someone like Val Cooper or Abigail Brand…hell, even a brand new, made up character…would have been infinitely better.

Then Days of Future Past came out, and they gave Shadowcat the ability to…what?  Send Wolverine’s consciousness back in time?  Why not just introduce Rachel Grey and have her do it.  She doesn’t need a backstory, she’s just psychic.  You gave us Blink and Warpath with no history there.

I know, I know.  These things are just minor, and the average movie-goer doesn’t care about them.  But to the die-hard fan, these little things serve as a slap in the face by people who are positioning themselves as not caring about the source material.

Thankfully, we got Deadpool.  It worked so well and was loved by so many because it was dpunique.  It embraced everything that made Deadpool, as a character, so beloved.  It flew in the face of every other Fox-Men movie.  It was the redemption Fox needed with fans, because their follow-up to that in Apocalypse, was more garbage and trash.  They took arguably the greatest X-villain of all time and turned him into…I don’t even know what.  The movie was laughably bad.  Sure, there were moments that nodded to comic back fans and said, we know you want more accuracy, but it was given with one hand and taken away with the other.

Naturally, with the success and praise of Deadpool, the sequel was announced immediately.  Deadpool himself said as much at the end of his own movie, in a Bueller-like tribute, where he teased the inclusion of Cable.

That’s a huge win, in my book.  Cable and Deadpool have a long, storied comic history together.

Now, you may have heard via the rumor mill that the top pick for Cable is Pierce Brosnan.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Pierce.  He made a good Bond, and he’s done plenty apart from that.  He plays a mean villain and makes a good rogue.  However, he doesn’t look like this guy:


Is Pierce tough enough to play Cable?  Sure.  Could he pull it off with his acting chops?  Probably.

That being said, he isn’t the first person anyone thinks about (or should be) when fan-casting.

Let me throw some names out there: Stephen Lang, Ron Pearlman, Jon Hamm, Kyle Chandler…to name just a few.  Even Rob Liefeld, who friggin created the character, took to Twitter to announce his pick:






But, Pierce could be a great Cable, right?


Honestly, he looks sick and reminds me more of my grandfather with a skin condition than a superhero.

At the end of the day, I trust Ryan Reynolds, who is the major reason that Deadpool was as great as it was, and if this is the guy he picks, I’ll withhold further judgment until I see the movie, but…really?

Deadpool 2 is eyeing a release date of March 2, 2018.  Official casting should be announced in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Agree or disagree with any of what was said here, feel free to leave a comment below.

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