Nintendo Heads Talk Switch Inspiration, 3rd Party Support and Ways to Play

Time Magazine’s website spoke recently with Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi and Switch Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi about, what else?, The Switch!!

Here’s the highlights of what they had to say.  You can click through to the article for the full story.

The system was based loosely on the idea of playing cards.  Koizumi detailed, “Of course, Nintendo as a company is one that we’ve always put a tremendous amount of emphasis on playing together with others. Even going back to when we were making cards [all the way back in 1889], playing cards for use with card games, those were geared towards playing with other people.”

They said that it was important to them to include two controllers out of the box to encourage cooperative play.  Also, no surprise there, but they hope to attract casual gamers, like they did prior with the Wii.

They put emphasis on third-party development, going so far as to meet with game companies personally.

“The two of us have met with a large number of third-party developers directly and done our Nintendo Switch presentation to them face-to-face directly,” says Koizumi. “There were many overseas developers who we presented the system too who were very happy to see it.”

And, Nintendo always being Nintendo, Takahashi stressed that gameplay was more important than graphics, saying, “Certainly, graphic quality falls somewhere within our priority, but our feeling is that Nintendo Switch is a system that really has the best balance of being able to create fun and new ways to play, but doing so with the graphic quality that’s still good enough while also being one that’s easy to develop for.”

The biggest tease is in the possibilities that could come in the future.  “Because you can remove the controllers from the system,” Koizumi said, “It opens up a lot of possibilities for expansion of what you’re able to do with the controllers or what you’re able to connect to the system. I’m sure a lot of people have lots of different ideas about what might potentially get connected to the system, and perhaps suddenly one day, we’ll just pop up and say, ‘Hey, now there’s this’, though I can’t give you any examples right now.'”

The Switch release is just around the corner on March 3rd.


Source: Time

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