Arms Producer Dishes Details on Game

Kosuke Yabuki, Producer of Nintendo’s newest IP ARMS, sat down with Japanese game site Famitsu to answer a few questions on the upcoming fighting/boxing game.

As I said before, my Nihongo is a bit rusty, but let’s give this a shot.  Paraphrasing follows.

The game was developed from a prototype the Nintendo folks were playing around with.  They had an idea for a boxing game, not dissimilar to Wii Boxing, that looked cool, but weren’t sure if it would translate to a fun-to-play experience, as most popular fighting games were from a side-perspective.  The behind-the-fighter view and the extending arms gave birth to an entirely new way of playing, a fighting game that feels almost like a first-person shooter.


They talk about the demo having 5 playable characters, each with three different types of ARMS that you can use.  Of course, in the full game, there will be more characters and more ARMS that will be available.  The various fighters will each play slightly different from each other (think balanced, speed, or power type fighters) for those who want a more in-depth play experience, but casual players looking just for fun will likely choose their fighter based on appearance.

Mr. Yabuki offers that with this game, they were casting the net both deep and wide.  The overall feel of the game seems to be to capture the casual gamer who was happy to play the Wii Sports boxing type games, but the more Smash-Bros, hardcore fighters will also be able to feel the slight nuances of the various characters, will develop a fighting and play style, learning to drive their opponent into a corner and wailing on them relentlessly.

While the five characters in the demo have a unique look, their arms being a spring, ribbon, or bandage with a big ball of a fist, Yabuki stresses that there will be other, more unique options to come.


There will also be a variety of stages: open arena stages, stages with pillars and other things to hide behind, stages with large stairs.  Different types of ARMS will have certain benefits on different types of stages.

Yabuki-san talks a little about the play style, with the new joy-con remotes being smaller than those from the Wii, the joy-con feels more natural, feels more like punching, where the Wiimotes felt like you were holding something and was still a little awkward.  While the sensors are so in-tune that the game doesn’t require large arm movements to strike, and thus should limit players getting too tired while playing, Nintendo realized that some players prefer a play style that’s less active, and you will be able to play by only pushing buttons, even using a pro controller.

The game will feature both one-on-one online battles, as well as local battles via split-screen, and he teases other playable modes as well.

No release date has been given for the game, besides a loose Spring timeline, and more information will be released before the game comes out.  As with all of Nintendo’s IPs, the devs are excited to hear fan response.




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