Young Avengers Coming to the Academy!

Marvel just confirmed something they have previously only hinted at.  The Young Avengers will be coming soon to the hit mobile game Avengers Academy.

The above image is concept art of the character Wiccan, and comes from an interview with Lead Concept artist for TinyCo, Melissa Hester.  The interview focuses on the collaborative nature of the art style used when introducing new characters to the game.

She mentions that characters introduced to coincide with a movie’s release (think Dr. Strange) are more straightforward in concept than a character like the recently released Jocasta, whose only presence is in the comics.

When asked about designs she may be excited about for upcoming characters, Hester said, “Yes, Wiccan is coming soon! He will be part of our Young Avengers event which is coming soon.  I absolutely adore him and his whole romance with Hulkling! I had hearts in my eyes when I worked on those two. [Laughs] I’m really looking forward to getting them in my game!”

No word on when the event will kick off, but the current Ultron event has another 2 weeks, so expect more news closer to Valentine’s Day.

Source: Marvel

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