Splatoon Producer Talks Switch Sequel, Plus Gameplay Footage

Japanese website 4gamer.net recently sat down with Hisashi Nogami, producer on this summer’s colorful sequel, to talk all things Splatoon 2. Bear in mind, the original article is in Japanese, and my katakana is a little rusty, but I will paraphrase below.

In talking about the new dual-wield pistol weapon, Mr. Nogami advised that the idea for the weapon originally came about because it looks really cool, but they eventually found that it served a function, as well.  The dual pistols have a better mobility than the rifle or sub-machine gun weapons.


It appears that a lot of the weapons and sub-weapons from the original game will be back, though with a few tweaks to the design and play, although the spirit of the original game remains in tact.

There are mostly new stages to play in, but you can expect to see new elements in the stages that do return.

Two years have passed in the game world, and players can expect to see that time difference reflected in game as the clothing style and music has evolved, much like in real life.  Also, the game’s town hub will look different, as well.


In noting the changes between gameplay on the Wii U vs. the Switch, Mr. Nogami said that the basic functions remain the same.  The biggest change is that, not having the 2nd screen on the Wii U gamepad, the map is now not constantly visible, but can be toggled with the push of a button.


Players can expect a fully-fleshed out single player campaign mode to get you used to the controls and the world, as the reality is, some people will pick this game up who have no experience with the original title.

All the original amiibo will work in the game, though you should expect more to accompany the sequel.

Not much of a surprise here, but to play in online matches, you will need to subscribe to Nintendo’s paid service, which will launch in the fall.   The online services will be improved over the previous game, including integration with a smart-device app and voice chat among teammates.



All in all, it seems that Nintendo has taken everything that players loved about the original game and added more fun to the mix.  While the original was a total blast, part 2 is sounding even better, and with the previously confirmed addition of local multiplayer, expect this one to be a big hit.

If you can’t wait until the summer, you can check out 10 minutes of gameplay below.

Source: Interview

Source: Video

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