Marvel’s “Contest of Champions” Welcomes The Hood

Marvel’s fighting mobile game recently launched a new event title “Dawn of Darkness,” which puts the focus on Dr. Strange, Dormammu, and newcomer villain, The Hood.

If, like me, you aren’t very familiar with the character from the comics, let me give you a little taste.  Parker Robbins was just a guy trying to do good,  but wound up doing bad anyway.  With his mother’s health on the decline, Parker becomes a petty crook, stealing things to pay for her medical care.  Looking for the next big score, Parker and his cousin break into a warehouse in hopes of finding rare and valuable items, but instead, they find what looks like a satanic ritual and soon come face to face with a cloaked demon. Parker shoots it, steals the demon’s cloak and boots, and leaves because…of course he does.  Why not?  That’s logical.  I’m almost embarrassed I never stole the cloak and boots of all the demon’s I’ve encountered.  Turns out, I’m missing out.

Anyway, Parker goes on to do his crook thing, only now he’s empowered with boots that walk on air and a cloak that allows him to turn invisible, as well as other forms of magic and stuff.  He became quite the figure among the criminal underworld.

Now, he makes his debut in Contest of Champions.



Parker comes to the game as an emissary for a mysterious master, and the Collector doesn’t seem too happy about his presence.  He comes with wicked new hellfire-infused pistols and an array of magical attacks.

Simon Cameron, Champion Designer on the game, sells him this way, “A number of his abilities have secondary effects, which trigger when abilities expire. […] Like most Mystic Champions he’s well equipped to fight opponents who use a lot of buffs with both Stagger and Fate Seal. His special attacks all have various debuffs, and his heavy attack allows him to refresh their timers, so you’ll likely want to land some Heavies to keep them rolling.”

Of course, his invisibility cloak influences his play style, as well.  Cameron explains, “Also his Invisibility makes a big difference, both increasing his Critical Damage, and giving his opponents a chance to miss with their attacks, which doubles against ranged attacks. This is great because it doesn’t break his animation the way an Evade does, allowing him to charge through most ranged attacks in relative safety.”


The event, “Dawn of Darkness,” serves as a sequel to last November’s event and sees Dr. Strange reforming the Illuminati in anticipation of Thanos’ return.  The event will last through the month of February.

Contest of Champions is available in iTunes and the Play Store.

Source: Marvel



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