Updated – “Fire Emblem Heroes” Releases Today on Mobile Devices

Updated – Fire Emblem Heroes is now available for download in the Google Play Store!

With many games coming out for the Nintendo Switch (Bomberman, Street Fighter, etc) it seems that Nintendo is really putting all their chips into throwback gaming and banking on nostalgia as they move into the future.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at all.  Games like Shovel Knight have proven that people still want 8-bit fun and a good story.

Today, that trend continues as Nintendo takes yet another step into mobile gaming territory with Fire Emblem Heroes.  The tactical RPG style has always been more popular in Japan than the states, but it’s always been one I have been particularly fond of.

Granted, Nintendo didn’t invent the genre when they released the original Fire Emblem in 1990, but they definitely redefined it.  While each game in the series has focused on new characters and told a new story, this one will serve as a “greatest hits” of sorts, much like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius did for that series, allowing players to assemble a team of their favorite warriors from across the series to play through a brand new story.

With Fire Emblem Heroes, out today on iOS and Android, Nintendo is taking it to a whole new generation of kids, who, if they’re anything like my kids, only know the characters from their appearances in Super Smash Bros.

While it hasn’t been released at the time I’m writing this, you can pre-register on iTunes or the Google Play Store and be notified once it becomes available for download later today.

For those of us waiting on the Switch to come out, maybe this will satisfy your Nintendo itch for the next 29 days.  You can check out the trailer below:

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