Freeform Gives us a Sneak Peak of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger!

Freeform held their first summit this evening where they talked a little about all of their shows and what fans can expect on them, but let’s be honest, there’s only one show on Freeform you’re going to care about here: Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. At said summit, they finally let slip the release date, and …

Catch the new Black Panther Trailer from Tonight’s Football Playoffs

In just a few short weeks, Marvel Studios will release the first comic book super hero of color to headline his own film since Blade.  Tonight, during the football game that none of you are likely watching (I mean, comic books and football don’t mix, right?  Just ask any high school student) Marvel released the …

Hulu Adopts Marvel’s Runaways for Longer 2nd Season!

Tomorrow night signals the end of season one for the Hulu exclusive series, Marvel’s Runaways, and while you still have to wait an entire year for the next batch of episodes, at least you know they’re coming. While the first season managed to pack quite a bit of action into its ten episode run, season 2 …

The Justice League Unite in Epic Final Trailer

Well, it’s safe to say that DC hasn’t exactly had the greatest track record with their movies lately, but Wonder Woman was a solid hit (and a great movie), and Justice League looks to lighten things up from the doom and Martha gloom that was BvS.

The humor serves the trailer well, and the action is on-point.  The soundtrack scores, as well, with the remake of “Heroes.”  If you’re still on the fence with this one, your magic 8-ball should be saying, “Signs Point to Yes” now on whether or not this will be any good.

We’ll find out on November 17 when the movie hits theaters.