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Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Looks Like a Fun Ride in the New Trailer – Debuts in February

As a fan of comic books, I’m aware of far more that exists than I could possibly ever read. Like Umbrella¬†Academy, the comic-book brainchild of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, published by Darkhorse Comics in the mids 2000’s.

I knew the book existed. It even piqued my interest, but I never actually picked up the book. I did, however, start listening to My Chemical Romance’s music for a little bit. And it did impress upon me one lesson that I’ll take forward with me: if you get famous for one thing, the odds of you being able to do whatever else you want get pretty darn good.

Given the darkness in Way’s music and the heavy themes found there, I would have expected this trailer for be more adult. The fact that it isn’t (and doesn’t even use any language) makes me a bit more excited to see it.

For the uninitiated, the story focuses on a group of miracles babies that all have superpowers (well, all but one) that were raised by an eccentric old man. After the man’s death, the kids are reunited when one of them discovers a world-ending threat. Can they combine their efforts and abilities to hold off the apocalypse?

It’s a little bit like the uber-popular TV show Heroes from a few years ago, but…ya know, better. At least in the sense that it has a clear direction.

Take a look at the trailer.

All episodes will of The Umbrella Academy will be streaming exclusively on Netflix on February 15th.

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