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Doctor Strange Sequel is a Go

THR is reporting that Marvel and Scott Derrickson have inked a deal to bring the writer/director back to helm the sequel for the Master of the Mystic Arts.

Of course, this is news that has long-been expected, but it’s good to have official confirmation.  

Last we saw the good Doctor, he turned to ash at the fingers of Thanos in Infinity War, but it’s a move that will somehow be undone come Endgame.  And Dr. Strange is only getting started in his adventures.

Joining star Benedict Cumberbatch, the site is reporting that Benedict Wong will return as the librarian-turned-partner Wong, and Rachel McAdams is also expected to return, though her involvement is not a guarantee.  Losing her character would not be a big loss to the sequel, if we’re being honest.

Of course, no release date it being talked about, nor plot details, but I seem to remember Derrickson making a passing comment shortly after the first film’s release that he’d like to see the villainous Nightmare appear in a sequel.  We’ll have to wait and see there.

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