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Avengers 4 Gets Title and a Shiny New Teaser Trailer!

Like the second coming of Christ, it’s been hinted at and rumored for weeks now (okay, not quite like that..but you know what I mean), and today, it’s finally here.

Avengers 4 has a teaser.  It’s epic.  

It has a title now, too.  Avengers: End Game.

And you thought your Friday was going to be boring.

I may have cried a little watching that.  Just saying.

There’s not a ton to be gathered from this as it is just a teaser, but the heart and the emotion shine through in a big way.  Yes, I would have liked Rocket to pop up and wink or flash a big gun around, but we’ll have to wait for the next trailer for that.

And we shouldn’t have to wait too long, seeing as the movie’s only like four months away.  See, as it turns out, Avengers: End Game will hit theaters now in April, rather than its original May release.  Can’t. Freaking. Wait.

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