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Review: The Fun in Azkend 2 is Buried a Little Too Deep for Me

What it is:

An puzzle game wrapped around an adventurous story from 10 Tons.

The game is out 1/12/18 on Switch for $7.99.


What’s that quote?  “You can please some of the people all of the time or all of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time?”

That’s what this game is for me.  A swing and a miss from 10 Tons, who’ve delivered some great games like Jydge and Tennis in the Face.  It’s not a horrible game per se, but you just match symbols on a board.  As you progress through the levels, there are more symbols on the board, which means less strung together and less matches to be made, which makes the play slower and the timer count more against you.  When time runs up, you lose and have to start over.  I’m not a Candy Crush person and like a little more action in my games.


The story here revolves loosely around explorers in a new world, first sailing the seas, then navigating underground caverns.  The equipment needed by the explorers has somehow been broken into pieces and each puzzle solved grants a new piece.  Solving the puzzles assembles the gear needed, from a telescope to a compass, dynamite to digging spades.  It’s all kind of arbitrary, but I appreciate the effort.


The game is best played with the touchscreen in handheld mode.


The art is cool, I guess.  They easily could have slummed it here, but the colors are dark and atmospheric while the background are crisp.

Why you should play it:

If your jam is puzzle games like Candy Crush, then this is one for you.  It’s not a game with mass appeal, unfortunately, but if you’re slightly depressed or looking to pass a little time, you may give this a go.

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