Review: The Sexy Brutale is a Surprisingly Twisted and Compelling Game

What it is:

An adventure puzzle game from Tequila Works.

The game is out December 7th on Switch for $19.99.  It released for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One in April 2017.

sexy brutale 2


Sometimes a game developer dares to create a game so unique that it bombs miserably, misfires on all cylinders and is barely worth playing.  Sadly, I can think of a few like that.

Sometimes, the game goes the opposite direction and you get a game like The Sexy Brutale.

It’s been a long time since I’ve found a game with a story that connected with me like this.  I beat the game in about a day and a half because I couldn’t put it down, and at the end, it felt more like a good book than a video game.

I knew nothing about this game going into it, and I’m not about to spoil the plot for you, but the game revolves around an old priest that wanders the haunted halls of an old mansion-turned-casino trying to prevent and solve various murders.  In a very Groundhog Day manner, you have only 12 hours to complete this task before the clock rewinds and you play through the same events over and over again in an endless cycle.

The only complaint I have is a small one, and it’s that there’s little action to be found.  The labyrinthine halls of the mansion prove a fickle mistress to navigate at times and the time constraint can be a needed frustration. But there’s nobody to fight.  No jumps, dodges, attacks…which is a small thing, in the grand scope of things, because the story sucks you in and makes you forget about anything but not letting the next person die.

If I keep talking about the cool and crazy that is The Sexy Brutale, I’m likely to spoil the whole thing.  I don’t want that.  Neither do you.  Let’s just say, for my money, this game is a near masterpiece that was a pleasure to play and a pain to put down.

In the two days I played it, having seen both endings, it’s a relatively short game, and maybe the $20 price tag is a little excessive in that context, but I’d argue it’s worth every penny.

If you’re looking for something different, look no further.

sexy brutale 3


Without giving too much away, the story follows an old priest during the same 12 hours in which he, along with the other guests in a casino mansion are systematically murdered.  With the aide of a bloody, benevolent spirit, you must save each guest from his or her horrifying fate and uncover the dark and twisted secrets surrounding The Sexy Brutale casino.


The art here is nothing overly special or fascinating, but the use of crisp and clean sprites is certainly appreciated over a pixelated 8 or 16 bit visual palate.  sexy brutale 4

Why you should play it:

 If you’re looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary, then this is the game for you.  It doesn’t dumb things down like most games and provides a unique and imaginative experience with a solid and compelling narrative.


Let us know what you think of The Sexy Brutale in the comments section below!

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