Review: “Tennis in the Face” is a fun and satisfying puzzler

What it is:

A physics-based puzzler from 10 Tons Ltd.

The game is out December 8, 2017 on Switch for $4.99.



There is something sublimely enjoyable about serving a tennis ball to the soft spot on the back of a clown’s head.  Or spilling the coffee of a bearded hipster.  Or toppling the briefcase of a stuffed-shirt PR man.

One thing I’ve learned about game developer 10 Tons, they like their games in two different styles: gritty, top-down shooters & entertaining, tongue-in-cheek physics-based puzzlers.  This game stands proudly in the latter camp.

When I fired this game up, I was expecting more of a co-op/vs sports game, and I was kind of excited because I hadn’t played a tennis game in quite some time, and with 10 Tons behind it, the premise was enough to excite me.  This game is not a sports game, yet what I wound up playing exceeded my expectations.

This game is a riot and hard to put down.

I’m a puzzle guy to begin with.  The levels are quick and easy to navigate through (and there’s over 100 of them), though not without their challenges.  Plus, for the completionist (read: masochist), there’s enough to keep you going for awhile, as each level boasts a crown when completed under the right scenario.

Fight your way through clowns, hipsters, riot cops, lab techs, and PR guys, navigating through each puzzling stage until you get to the final showdown!

If you aren’t yet familiar with 10 Tons repertoire, this is a great introduction to what they do so well!



Former-pro Tennis star Pete Pagassi was disgraced for raucous behavior and after spending time away, he embarks on a psychotic jihad to payback the company whose energy drink he blames for his troubles.


Controls don’t get much simpler than this.  Joystick aims your serve and a single button lets it fly.


The art here is a crisp and clean cartoony style that lends itself perfectly to the game’s tone and gameplay.


Why you should play it:

10 Tons hasn’t let me down yet.  If you’re a fan of games like King Oddball or even Angry Birds, this one is a must-have in your arsenal!  For the price, you can’t miss!



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