Review: Gear Club Unlimited Proves that Racing Games without Turtle Shells Can Be Fun

What it is:

A real-world racing game from Eden Games & Microids.

The game is out November 21st on Switch for $44.99.



First of all, can we talk about the way your in-game narrator looks like the love child of Jake Gyllenhaal and Gerard Butler?  Like, was this intentional?  Also, “Jo” is typically the female form of the name…but it’s 2017, so I guess we can let that part slide.


I digress.

I’m not the world’s biggest racing fan.  I’ve played games like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo, and most of my time is spent in the grass.  I’m so bad at video game driving that my son was making fun of me in LA Noire the other night.  Apart from Talladega Nights, which remains my top ranked comedy movie, and Kart racers that include power ups and attacking your opponents, I tend to stay away from stuff like this.  That being said, I always like to step out of my comfort zone once in a while.

The racing in here is solid, even if it does feel a little easy.  Granted, I’m sure you can increase your difficulty setting, but on the default, without bothering to brake, I managed to not only stay on the road 90% of the time, but I also never came in less than 1st place.

First world problems, am I right?

Both of my kids (teen and preteen) LOVE this game.

What I appreciate about it is the level of customization.  You can practically build and rebuild your car, paint it whatever color, and add spoilers.  The same can be said about your garage.  As you progress through the races, you earn the ability to unlock new garage features, and you can move things around at will, position your autos for decorative purposes to spruce the place up.


The story here is the one you make up in your head: you’re a race car driver who’s working his way up the circuit, earning some extra cash to make your car more efficient and visually appealing.


The art in this game is humbling and sexy as hell.  I’m somewhat of an artist, myself, but I dabble in cartoons.  I can’t pretend to do this style of art, where the mountains are reflected in distortion along the curves of a BMW.  The way the light shines against the mane of a GTR is a glorious thing, and the makers of Gear.Club put a special care into this aspect of their product.  These were people that love the look of a car…and it shows.


Why you should play it:

 Some people are just car people.  They love the beauty of a sleek and sexy fast car.  Those people will be all over this game.  If that isn’t you, and you just like a good racing game where you don’t have to worry about turtle shells flying at your face, then this is a solid game to pick up.



Let us know what you think of Gear.Club Unlimited in the comments section below!

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