Syberia 2 Gets Launch Date on Switch

If you were paying attention earlier to the “New on Nintendo” post, you saw that the original Syberia game comes to Switch tomorrow. While Syberia 3 was confirmed some time ago for the system (though still not give a release date), there had previously been no word on the sequel.  Today, however, the game’s developers, Microids, announced …

Netflix’s “Punisher” Series Gets Release Date and New Trailer

Well, now we finally know that November 17 will see the debut of Frank Castle’s spin-off series on Netflix when actor John Bernthal reprises the character he redeemed in Daredevil‘s second season on Netflix.

Along with that reveal, Netflix gave us a new trailer for the series, which looks to bring more of the grit and gore that Punisher fans can expect.

What’s most intriguing to me is the way they appear to blend this series as both a prequel and sequel to the events in Daredevil.  It also looks like a return to form for Netflix and Marvel, who hit a bit of a rough patch with Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

All episodes will be available to stream on November 17th.


Spelunker Party Nabs Launch Trailer on Switch

The Spelunker game series welcomes a new member to the family today, which is also the first on Nintendo’s newest system.

Players can adventure solo, at home or on-the-go, with the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, or with up to four players in offline/online multiplayer when docked or in tabletop mode. In multiplayer mode, players can work together to access new areas and revive their teammates.

While challenging over 100 thrilling stages, players will collect Litho-stones to unlock new equipment to customize their characters and assist in their journey, and to garner the help of faithful pets to aid in their cave exploration.

The game is available today on the Nintendo eShop, and if you’re still not sure about it, you can check out the demo.

Game Review: Forma.8

What it is: A side-scrolling action adventure from MixedBag Srl. The game released August 24th on Switch for $9.99. This game feels like a spinoff of the movie Wall-E.  A robot probe exploring a virtually uninhabited planet is a cool concept, even if gameplay does drag at times (at least compared to other games out there) …

This New Trailer for Marvel’s “Black Panther” Proves Feige and Co. Still Have a Few Tricks Up Their Sleeves

Holy Shit! That’s all I can really say after watching the latest trailer for Black Panther. Last week, Jimmy Kimmel announced that Thor: Ragnarok is possibly Marvel’s best film to date, but that was before this trailer came out.  The soundtrack, the action, the narrative showcased here do exactly what they’re meant to: make you crave this …