Game Review: Inmates Brings the Terror

What it is: 

A first-person prison cell horror game.
The game is out October 5, 2017 on Steam for $9.99

Inmates - Screenshot 9


I never really have been able to enjoy horror games because of, well how scary they are. While reviewing Inmates I decided to put that fear behind me, and if I have nightmares well, they’re nightmares, i’ll wake up eventually. This game was an enjoyment for me! I have always loved puzzles as a child, and to put them into a horror game adds even more suspense and horror.


A prison horror game where the player fulfills the role of Jonathan, a man who wakes up to find himself in a jail cell. He wants to believe that it is a nightmare, since he has no recollection of how he ended up here, but this place seems vaguely familiar.

Inmates - Screenshot 7


The game is fully compatible with a controller, but may also be played with keyboard and mouse.

Powered by the infamous Unreal Engine 4, this game has the high quality special effects to compete with the big dogs of the gaming industry

Inmates - Screenshot 2
Why you should play it:

Looking for a scare? From the rain on the glass windows to the crunch of footsteps, this game brings the suspense to a whole new level. This game is a great start for anyone who wants to see if they are interested in horror games without breaking the bank.

Definitely worth the money!

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