Full List of Cars Announced for Gear.Club Unlimited

It’s no secret (though maybe a bit of a surprise) that the Nintendo Switch is getting a TON of love from third-party game developers, and especially the Indy developers, which is an amazing thing!

The variety of games is truly electrifying, but shy of Mario Kart and something with spaceships, the system has yet to boast a full-on racing game.  That’s about to change this December when Gear.Club Unlimited races onto the system.  This is the kind of real-world racing that I’m really terrible at, but has a huge following.  I’m probably wrong, but I’m not sure a game like this has ever existed for a Nintendo console.

Boasting a roster of all real-world vehicles…the kind you covet and drool over in magazines and Vin Diesel movies…this game will be something unique.  We had a few cars revealed previously, but today we get the full list of fast, whining motors at the players’ disposal:

unnamed (4)unnamed (3)

If that’s not enough, here’s the trailer to get your leather seats all slick:

The game revs onto the Switch on December 1.

Let us know what you think below!

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