Review: I and Me – A Unique Puzzle Begging to be Solved

What it is: A cute and quirky puzzle platformer where the player controls two identical cats simultaneously, using the environment and obstacles to manipulate the characters.

The game released 7/13/17 on Nintendo Switch for $9.99.




Okay, so I’ve had this game for a bit longer than I care to admit.  It came to me right around the July 4th holiday, and I barely had a chance to play it then.  This game, however, deserves the proper attention to play it.  For a puzzle platformer, it stands apart and makes you take notice.


I’m not sure there is much story here.  Every level begins with an existential quote that shares a thematic element with the stage.  The game contains four chapters, each one based on one of the seasons, and each chapter contains 20+ levels.  Of course each level has its own unique and challenging puzzle to solve.



Controls are pretty straight forward, which they need to be in a game of this nature.  You don’t need a dozen button combinations.

You move with the joystick and jump with the press of a button.  Timing is crucial, of course, and the trick is navigating the stage effectively.  Complicated controls would only hinder the game.



Visually, the game is gorgeous, like playing a painting.


The music is an art form in itself, here, as well.  With most games, I’m content to play with the volume turned low, but the haunting piano and sweeping orchestra throughout the game really add a unique layer to the game.  Atmospheric, the sounds are serene and calming, which kept me from throwing my controller as I constantly failed on some of the more difficult challenges.  Keeping a level head keeps you coming back to play more and more.

Why you should play it:

This game builds slow.

The first few levels are designed to acclimate the player to the game, but once the basics have been taught, other critters are introduced.  Things like porcupines wander the world, causing yet another obstacle, and as the seasons progress, different mechanics like buttons and levers add yet another complication.

It’s all the right kinds of puzzlement, and once you get going on I and Me, you’ll struggle to stop.




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