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Marvel Gives First Look at Inhumans

Well, technically, the look comes courtesy of EW…but they got it from Marvel.


Let’s be honest here.  Everything in this picture works for me except Medusa (played by Serinda Swan).  There’s just something off about her.  Perhaps it’s the Kool-Aid colored hair, but mostly, its her face.  Swan is a beautiful actress, so I’m not sure where it went wrong.  Maybe if she just smiled a little?

You can head over to EW and check out their full article, including the Q&A they have with showrunner, Scott Buck, but I’ll hit the highlights below:

  • The show does, of course, take place in the same universe as Agents of SHIELD, and what affects one show may affect the other.  (I would expect talk of the Terrigen fish oil).
  • Attilan, the home city of the Inhumans, does move and it is not on Earth during the show. (The moon, anyone?)
  • The show will play like a family drama, as opposed to SHIELD’s procedural approach.
  • Lockjaw is expected to be a stand-out character and an audience favorite.
  • Medusa’s hair is a tough effect to pull off.
  • The first two episodes (filmed in IMAX) really do feel like a movie, and the people at IMAX encouraged them to “think bigger.”
  • Black Bolt, who cannot speak without destroying mountains, will communicate using sign language.
  • At this point, there are no crossovers planned between shows.  The focus is just in launching The Inhumans and making it the best show possible.


The first two episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans will launch exclusively on IMAX on Sept. 1, for 2 weeks, before it airs ahead of the other episodes on ABC this fall.  Additional content not included in the theatrical run is expected to air on ABC.



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