Rick and Morty Season 3!

If you’ve not yet seen Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, you are behind, sir.  And shame on you.  The cartoon is a sci-fi/family hilarity fest whose co-creator (Dan Harmon) brought the world the genius of Community.

The first two seasons are on Hulu, and you owe it to yourself to watch them.  While the third season has been famously delayed, fans got an April Fools joke that wasn’t a joke at all, so much as it’s a series of hilarious jokes strung together by an intergalactic plot.

That’s right.  April Fools Day saw the surprise premiere of Season 3, Episode 1.  Now, for a limited time (read: until I get an email asking me to remove it), you can see the first episode of season 3 below.


You’re welcome!

Netflix and Marvel Announce Premiere for Defenders

You didn’t come for my ramblings, just watch the video.

You may notice that once JJ punches the camera and the screen cuts to static, the top right corner bears the time stamp of 08:18:20:17.  If you didn’t, you can go back and watch it again.  I’ll wait.

Okay, good.  So that means we’re looking at a date of August 8, 2017, yes?  Sounds good to me.

I will say, having finished Iron Fist over the weekend, I’m pretty jazzed for the Defenders, but when I watched the video initially, I thought that Matt was Danny and that the Iron Fist was finally wearing his mask…not Murdock tying a tshirt around his head.

I’m excited to see how Misty and Colleen fit into the ensemble, and I’m really hoping that The Defenders clarifies the Hand missteps that Iron Fist kept making.  While introduced in DD as a clan of mystical ninjas, the Fist showed a much softer side…one a whole lot less like the comic roots.

Abraca Mixing It Up On Switch

I’ve not heard much about French game developer, Ankama, but one thing’s for sure, they make very pretty games and they’ve been doing it for a while now.  One such game, Abraca: Imagic Games, is now heading to the Switch this May.

As you can see from the video, it has a very Smash Bros feel to it, though there does appear to be some platforming elements thrown in for good effect.