Nintendo’s ARMS Introduces New Fighter: Helix

ARMS is Nintendo’s newest IP: a fighting game where all the opponents have extendable arms, whether made of springs, coils, ribbons, etc. ┬áThe game looks to expand upon the uses of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers in brave, new ways.

And because it’s a first-party Nintendo game, chances are pretty good that the title will be a whole helluva lot of fun.

Up til now, we’ve only been introduced to a handful of fighters like Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, the mummy, a ninja, some chick in a robot suit, and a girl whose arms are made of noodles (I’m being serious). ┬áToday, however, we get yet another new character: Helix, the cousin of Flubber.

helix arms

ARMS hits stores June 16, 2017.

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