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Nintendo Announces New Amiibo for Zelda, Gives Release to Late Smash Amiibo

As of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, fans now know when they will finally be able to get their grubby little paws on the three final Zelda amiibo.  Why is this a big deal, they just look like toys to me?  Glad you asked.  These three figures actually unlock three new suits of armor (as well as the corresponding weapons) in Zelda’s newest outing: Breath of the Wild.

Those figures will now officially be in the wild (pun intended) on June 23.  Go ahead and preorder them already at your favorite retailer.

Also, the long-awaited Smash Bros amiibo, based on the last round of the game’s DLC characters, has also been given an official release date.  What’s more, each character will get two designs, some of which will be retailer exclusive, though that is far preferable than a straight-up retailer exclusive and fans not being able to get the amiibo they want.  The alternate amiibo design will be based on the in-game alternate costumes.

You can see the figures in their various poses below.  They’ll hit the stores on July 21.


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