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Avengers Academy Takes on Rival Schools

TinyCo and Marvel‘s mobile builder ushers in a new age this week.

Finally, the faculty (Nick Fury, Hank Pym, Odin the All-Father) become recruitable in your ever-expanding roster of characters.  Why the change?  Because the enemy this time is a little bigger than the younger generation can face on their own.

The foe this time, so the story goes, is a reformed AIM, led by the Scientist Supreme, a rebranded Hydra, driven by Arnim Zola, and a revealed Lemurian underwater academy, with forces led by Attuma.

In addition to the faculty, existing characters such as Enchantress, Iron Man, and even Peggy Carter will be getting new costumes.  As if that wasn’t enough, players will be able to utilize the Helicarrier that has been floating just offshore since the Academy opened, as the battleship will be used to take on various foes for the event.

So, we don’t get the Xavier School as I had previously speculated, but let’s be honest, who saw Lemuria coming?  They could have at least given us Namor as a recruitable hero.

As is par for the Marvel course with these announcements, the next event to come was teased.  This one will be a space-themed one, said to be set in motion by something Fury does over the course of this one.  Judging by the image above, it’s not hard to see what it is that Fury brings into play, which means a pretty likely foe will be on his way to Earth.   With Guardians Vol. 2 hitting theaters the same time this event kicks off, expect another chance at recruiting any of the Guardians you may have missed before, with the added addition of Mantis (possibly Ego), and I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone like Nova debut, as well.

The Legends Assemble event is live now.

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