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Joss Whedon to Direct Batgirl Movie for WB

According to Variety, the Avengers director has been tapped by Warner Bros and their ever-growing cinematic U to direct a solo movie for Batgirl.

First, Whedon is a great fit for this, as his tenure with Buffy the Vampire Slayer has proven he knows how to deliver on female-led genre properties.  Second…it’s about damn time!  Batman has had a bajillion movies, but Batgirl has yet to make her cinematic debut.  I know, I know.  But Alicia Silverstone doesn’t count.

Not sure if this is a done deal yet, whether or not we should be getting excited or if its all premature, as the site is claiming Whedon is “nearing a deal to write, direct, and produce an untitled Batgirl pic for Warner Bros. as part of its DC Extended Universe.”

While Whedon is a great grab for this project, if it somehow falls through for him on this, at least we have a Batgirl movie on the horizon.

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