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Sony's Planned Venom Spinoff to Kickstart New MCU-less Marvel Universe

We’ve heard the rumors by now: Sony is planning a couple spin-off movies, set in the Spider-Man world but seemingly void of Spider-Man, and having no connection to their deal with Marvel and the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming film.

Well, according to Collider, this deal is designed to capitalize on the success of Deadpool and Logan.

Sony’s intent is allegedly to make Venom an R-rated horror/scifi flick, and they hope to use this film as an entry-point to their Marvel Studios-free cinematic universe.  Said universe will, I guess, be all R-rated, and the next film in the series will allegedly be the previously mentioned Black Cat/Silver Sable movie.

A Spider-Man movie not featuring Spider-Man?  What is this, Gotham?  Or worse, a recast Spider-Man…

Personally, I think this is a terrible idea, and one that fans don’t really want or need.  I could be wrong here, but this seems like Sony is only trying to prove a point that they can make good Marvel movies without Marvel’s help.  Which is silly…because they don’t have to.  It’s an ego stroke.

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