Get Ready to Log Back in to the Matrix

In a move that nobody saw coming, THR is reporting that Warner Bros is looking revisit the Matrix.  As in a reboot/relaunch.

Apparently, after Marvel struck gold with the Avengers films, everyone and their mother is now looking for their own cinematic universe, and I guess because the DCEU is hitting rocky ground they’re looking to mine the expanded corners of the virtual, machine-fueled distopia?

Zak Penn (the guy who wrote Inspector Gadget X-Men 3, but we’ll forgive him for those because he had a hand in The Avengers) is allegedly being eyed to write the script and Michael B. Jordan (Creed) is interested in the acting part of things.  The Wachowski Brothers (are they sisters now?) who directed the original trilogy of films are not expected to be involved, though WB is apparently hoping the duo will sign off on the project with their blessing.

I guess the idea here is to take the Star Wars approach and spin-off the franchise into other areas of the vast, virtual prison.

What do you think of this idea?  Too little, too late?  Worth the effort?  Leave your comments below.

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