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New Wonder Woman Trailer

Well, say what you will about DC’s cinematic endeavors lately.  Man of Steel was pretty divisive. I liked it, but I know many that hated it for the way Superman is portrayed. Batman v. Superman was pretty universally panned for a weak script (or at least weak elements), and the only really good thing Suicide Squad had going for it was it’s characters as the plot was just…Meh.

We all know Justice League is coming and here’s hoping it’s amazing, because DC has an incredible stable if heroes that have been underserved so far.  However, before we move forward, we’re gonna step back with a solo Wonder Woman, which will be an original tale.

Today we get a look at the latest trailer for the movie, and it looks to be a good time.

Here’s hoping it is.

Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot & Chris Pine, Wonder Woman flies her invisible jet into theaters June 2.

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