Switch: New Mario Kart Trailer

Happy Mar10 Day Everyone!!

Wait, you don’t know?  March 10…if you shorten it to Mar 10…it kinda looks like Mario.  So now that’s what it is.  Because everyone and everything needs a day now.

Well, to celebrate everyone’s favorite, crack-less plumber, Nintendo released a new trailer for it’s upcoming Switch port of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.  The trailer hits all the right notes for the uninitiated, letting you know why this game is a must-have on your new handheld/home console.

It’s nice to see that Nintendo isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel (he he) again with this title, as the Wii U version was pretty solid.  Here, they’ve just added a few new features and brought back the classic elements that had been missing.  It really does appear to be the ultimate Kart experience.

You can grab your copy on April 28 when it comes out.

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