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I Am Setsuna to Get Switch Exclusive DLC Next Month

If you’re on the fence with whether or not to buy I Am Setsuna on the Nintendo Switch, maybe this will help persuade you.

Square Enix announced today that the Switch version of the game will be getting exclusive DLC content — for free — this April.

I know what you’re thinking: What kind of DLC does an action RPG really need?  I’m glad you asked!  An online kinda-multiplayer mode called “Temporal Battle Arena” will pit your team of warriors against your friends.  Or, at least, a copy of them.

The idea is that you can take on a copy of your  friends’ team, with all their stat boosts, weapon upgrades, etc, and try to beat them in an AI-controlled Vs. match.

I’m not sure how I feel about this new addition to the game, but give them props for thinking outside the box on this one.  It could prove to be a fun little feature.  And if not, well, it was free.


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