TellTale's Guardians Game Gets a Trailer

TellTale’s latest looks to be taking the best of the films and the comics and combining them for a unique and fun adventure.

TellTale’s games are known for their stories, and this one is no exception, with the game being told in five episodes.  Now we get a look at the first full-length trailer for the game.

The first episode will be available April 18 on Xbox, Playstation and Steam.  Hopefully we’ll get a Switch announcement sooner than later.

New Lego City Undercover Trailer

Lego City Undercover is coming soon, ready or not.  And you should be ready, because the game is a blast.  If you’re a kid that loves Grand Theft Auto but can’t play it because mom and dad say it’s too violent, this is your game, bro!

Today, we get a new trailer, which focuses on the vehicles that you’ll be able to ride around in.

The game hits stores on April 4th for all the systems.