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A Green Lantern in the Justice League Movie?

After Ryan Reynolds slipped his finger into the Green Lantern ring for the 2011 movie, Warner Bros appears understandably cautious about bringing the Corps back to the big screen.  Let’s face it, while I enjoyed the movie for what it was, it was clearly not met with universal praise.  The opposite, in fact.  Most people you talk to quite hated the movie.

So, yes, you may have heard the rumor that a member of the Green Lantern corp would be making at least a cameo appearance in the upcoming Justice League movie.  This seems like the smart play to reintroduce the characters in this manner prior to the announced Green Lantern Corps movie that’s set for 2020, much like Marvel did with Spider-Man in Civil War, to ease the audience back in and show why the character is not only necessary to what you’re building, but fun and worthy of a solo outing.

Now, fans have been wondering which Lantern we would see first. Hal Jordan? John Stewart? Maybe even Kyle Rainer?

Geek Feed has received some speculative information that suggests someone else entirely.  Now, I don’t know how reliable their source is, so let’s just file this under “fun rumor” for now.

Abin Sur.

The original Lantern to visit Earth in the comics is the one they’re saying will be the first in the movies, too. Which is a good thing.

If you don’t know who Abin Sur is, I will give you the quick rundown. He’s a Lantern assigned to Earth’s sector and gets injured in a fight. His spacecraft crashes to Earth, and as he dies his ring flies away and finds Hal Jordan, the first earthling to take up the mantle and join the Corps.

Now, if the rumor proves to be true, we have no idea what form his appearance will take, but the smart money would be a post-credits scene that shows Sur crash-land to the planet. He could be found by Batman or another member of the League, and with his dying breath, Abin Sur could warn of Darkseid’s coming before the ring flies away to find a new host.

Time will tell if this proves to be true or if anyone still cares enough about the DCEU after Wonder Woman to follow up on the rumor


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