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Pokemon Mega Bloks are Coming!

Mega Bloks has come a long way in the past few years.  When I was a kid, they were nothing more than a cheap Lego knock-off, but now, they’re nearly as quality.  After all, Mega Bloks took the TMNT license from Lego.

Recently, Mega Bloks has restructured a little bit, adding the Mega Construx line which will focus on teen-aged and adult consumers, leaving the Bloks brand for the kiddies.

Well Construx has just revealed that they’re bringing Pokemon sets to the West this summer, something that they’ve been doing for a little while in Japan.


Colin Palmer, of the The Pokemon Company, released the following statement:

“Mega Construx brings the engaging world of Pokémon to life in one of the most popular play expressions for kids today. We bring only the highest quality Pokémon experiences to our fans around the world and Mega Brands’ attention to detail and thoughtful creativity with Mega Construx is sure to delight kids as well as the most passionate Pokémon trainers.”

Look for these sets and more in stores soon.


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