Ultimate Chicken Horse Coming to Switch

Full disclosure, I had no idea this game existed.

Ultimate Chicken Horse released last year on Steam (for PC), and everything I read about it says how incredibly, balls-out fun it is.

The game is a party platformer, and you build the level as you play.  Each player takes turns placing traps and whatnot, and then you all play through it together.  Points are awarded based upon how difficult your level is and how many make it to the end.  Your avatars are an adorable collection of animals, so it’s hilariously morbid when one of you gets eviscerated by a buzzsaw.

Well, the game is now going to be available on consoles, and you can see the Switch down there in the image, along with the PS4 and Xbox One.  A firm release has not been given, but they’re saying Summer-ish 2017, which is good enough for me.

I’ll be picking this one up, for sure!

Initial launch trailer:


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