Reddit Reveals More Switch Details

Another day, another Switch story.

Okay, this one comes from Reddit, so it may or may not be 100% true, but the info makes sense.  Also, much of it seems pretty dated, as the images associated with the post still hold the NX brand, which was a placeholder for the Switch and hasn’t been used since the Switch’s official reveal.

You can click the link below and read everything, but I’ve compiled the highlights for you here:

The Switch will carry certain features that come standard on modern smart phones: a screen unlock (while in handheld mode) and predictive text on the keyboard.

Up to 8 users can be added to a single Switch.  Also, the same Nintendo account can be used on multiple Switch devices.

Mii creation will include more customization options for eyebrows, glasses, and more.

In case you don’t know, the Switch comes out March 3, when all will be revealed.


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