Nintendo Directors Talk Switch

Recently, Shinya Takahashi, Director at Nintendo, and Yoshiaki Koizumi, Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development, sat down with The Telegraph to answer a few questions regarding their upcoming system, the Switch.

As the release date looms ever closer, speculation begins to build in equal parts with anticipation.  Any details that fans can garner are gobbled up.

The interview wasn’t ripe with anything major, but what caught my eye was their planning behind it.

“The concept started with us wanting to provide people a means of playing games regardless of place or time or occasion,” Takahashi said.  “Particularly with the Joy-Con, having the freedom to hand that to someone else and be able to play anywhere was really the genesis of the idea. That’s where the development began, rather than starting with the technology.”

The emphasis of the article fell on third-party support and marketing the system as a unique beast, both of which the Wii U severely lacked.  Both gentlemen were excited to say that many third-party and indy games are in development, stuff that has not been revealed yet, and that more will come to light regarding those games in the near future.

They also talked about finding the right time to release the system, and how the new Mario title would surely be their big title for the year.  March seemed to be the right time to build momentum on sales before a holiday release on Super Mario Odyssey, where Zelda felt like the right launch title to get the ball rolling.

1,2 Switch was also talked about, and they hope fans will check that game out, as well, as it really showcases a variety of what the new system can do.

In just a few short weeks, I’ll have my hands on my own Switch, and we’ll do a hands-on impressions write-up.


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