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Marvel Casts Evil Parents in Runaways

In case you aren’t familiar with the concept behind the Runaways, it focuses on 6 kids who are connected because their parents are friends.  Well, the reason they’re friends is because they’re all in a secret team of supervillains, and when the kids find this out, they decide to…(spoiler alert) Runaway.

Ever since they announced the six cast members for the new show on Hulu, we knew this announcement was only a matter of time.  I mean, the kids can’t run away from their parents if they don’t have any, right?

With the level of talent they’re pulling together for this, it’s going to be incredible to see how this show plays out.  If it’s half as good as the Netflix stuff, we’ll be in for a treat.  As a parent, it’s becoming harder to find shows we can watch with our kids, so hopefully this show will be family-friendly.

First up, we have the parents of Alex Wilder:

Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder will be played by Ryan Sands (“The Wire”) & Angel Parker (“The People Vs OJ”).

Geoffrey is described as “a man defined by the grueling path he’s taken to achieve his self-made success. A hulking presence, Geoffrey can effortlessly shift from approachable father to intimidating strategist with his son Alex.” While Catherine is “a successful lawyer, is deliberate and calculating in both her words and actions. But when it comes to her family, she’s fiercely loyal and a loving mother to her son Alex.”


The parents of Nico Minoru:

Tina and Robert Minoru will be played by Brittany Ishibashi (“This is Us”) & James Yaegashi (“Madame Secretary”).

This casting is a little disappointing, only because the character of Tina Minoru appeared as one of Kaecilius’ hench-people in the Dr. Strange movie, where she was played by Linda Louise Duan.  So either it really isn’t all connected as we’ve been brainwashed to believe, or this is one of those “War Machine recasts” that we’re just supposed to accept without complaint.

Tina is billed as “a perfectionist “tiger mom.” In her professional life, she is a brilliant innovator and ruthless CEO. Emotionally, she is less confident, often shying away from difficult conversations with her daughter Nico and careful to avoid explicit displays of her feelings.”  Robert is a bit of a contrast as “a gentle and brilliant beta, the Woz to his wife’s Jobs. Warm and feeling, Robert sometimes struggles with being married to a woman who so forcefully barricades her emotions while caring about Nico.”


The parents of Karolina Dean:

Frank and Leslie Dean will be portrayed by Kip Pardue (Sunshine from “Remember the Titans”) & Annie Wersching (“The Vampire Diaries”).

While Kip has come a long way from the naive, southern footballer, he also sounds to be type-cast at first glance, since his character is described as “a former teen star who rode a short-lived movie career and is now teeming with insecurity. Floundering in his professional career as an actor, Frank is seeking to renew purpose in his life while being a father to Karolina.”  I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries a long time ago, so I don’t know anything about Wersching, but she looks like she could pull of a villain.  Leslie doesn’t exactly sound like a villain’s name, but she’s described as “a complicated beauty, is a poised and skilled leader. Clear-minded, focused, and charismatic, Leslie draws in devoted allies and followers who are taken by her success and charm, particularly with her daughter Karolina.”


The parents of Gert Yorkes:

Dale and Stacey Yorkes will be played by Kevin Weisman (“Alias”) & Brigid Brannagh (“Army Wives”).

Weisman, who played techy Marshal on Alias appears to be type-cast here as Dale: “a beardy, dad-core bioengineer. Incredibly science-minded, he has a deep love for his family but oftentimes falls short at knowing the right things to say to Gert.”  His wife, Stacey is “an absent-minded and professorial bioengineer. Perpetually dawning Birkenstocks and a messy bun, Stacey utilizes a progressive approach to her parenting style to Gert.”


The parents of Chase Stein:

Victor and Janet Stein will be brought to life by James Marsters (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) & Ever Carradine (“The Handmaid’s Tale”).

Marsters has a lot of experience playing bad, as he was Brainiac on Smallville, a vampire on BuffyAngel, but I know him best from Jim Butcher’s novel series, The Dresden Files…which narrates all of the audio books (where he is brilliant!).  He should have no problem pulling off “an engineering genius who may just save the word from itself. Electric cars, space travel; the military and NASA both look to him for answers. As a father to Chase, Victor has lofty expectations for his son, and when they aren’t met, his retribution can be fierce.”  Janet is “a perfect PTA mom. Harboring a brilliant mind of her own, she has made deep sacrifices for her husband’s world-changing career. Though she hides it for the wellbeing of her son Chase, Janet longs for more from her life.”


Of course, Marvel had nothing but glowing things to say about their casting choices.  All that we’re missing are the mutant parents of Molly Hayes.  Expect an announcement soon, as the show is scheduled to begin filming on Monday, February 13.

Feel free to leave your comments on the casting below.

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