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Castlevania on Netflix – a Cartoon for Adults

In case you missed the news this week, Netflix announced that they will be bringing the classic video game world of Castlevania to their streaming service as an animated series later this year.

Now, further details have developed, namely the plot will follow the game Castlevania 3…and it will carry a hard R rating.  This information comes from the show’s producer, Adi Shankar, who spoke with IGN regarding the show.  In fact, due to the gore and violence the show will carry, Shankar’s exact words were that the show is, “going to be R-rated as f***.”

Further selling the fact this cartoon will be geared towards adults, Shankar added, “this is going to be the best f*****g video game adaptation we’ve had to date.”

It certainly follows along with the recent trend of bringing games to screen, what with Alicia Vikander’s Tomb Raider and Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed films, as well as the ever-in-development Uncharted flick.

Season 1, Part 1 is expected to be comprised of four 30-minute episodes.

Source: IGN

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