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Mattel Gives First Look at Spider-Man Homecoming Toys

First, we have look at a couple different masks.  The first boasts emotive eyes while the other folds up to expose the mouth…perfect for snack time or kissing upside down in the rain.

Next, we have a couple different styles of Web Shooter.  One looks like it fires off web-discs while the other shoots suction darts.

Of course, you can’t forget the action figures.  Like all action figure lines, you get the same figure in a million different poses and doing slightly different action moves.  Here, you can also see the film’s villain, the Vulture, who is played by Michael Keaton in the movie.

The film hit theaters in July, so be on the look out for these to hit store shelves before the kids hit summer break.  If your kid is anything like mine, he’ll be clamoring for both the figures and the dress-up pieces.

Source: Marvel

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